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Today, with the development of technology and marketing tactics become more digital, marketing experts are looking for new ways to reach the consumer, to experience and let them like the product. At this point, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality concepts that have been in our lives for a while have already entered the channels of marketing with scenarios competing with each other.


To promote and experience a new product, a new model car, a new housing project, you can make a difference with new technology applications with higher memorable rates.


Whether it is a factory, a showroom or a city, it is not possible in real life to take places to the place we want. However, with virtual reality applications that we strengthen with 360-degree shots, all the places you want to promote are everywhere with a single virtual reality glasses…


When realistic data is needed before brand awareness, product experience or new investment decision, traditional research / survey methods provide insight, but it is possible to get more real results with virtual reality applications.


Virtual reality applications give people the opportunity to experience products in any environment. We often see projects that stand out to convey and experience the benefits, differences, and prominent features of the product.


Many virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality application projects are now being implemented in order to transform the activities into the field of experience, to stay longer in a environment and to offer more memorable experiences.


The virtual reality and training has been a productive result in all the subjects needed from the production stage of the products to its history, from brand awareness to product use training, in-house trainings, workshops, and consumer awareness projects.


Regardless of education, entertainment or interaction and publicity, we create a simulation of a desired process and influence your target audience with our virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality technologies.



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